NOx reduction, biogas purification, Recycling and waste byproducts, water usage optimization.

Our Offer and Capabilities

Gaseous treatment, recycling of wastes and sub products. Consumption analysis and optimization. SA, through its R&D develops its activity in order to respond to the problems presented by its clients. In this context it is able to present a set of technical solutions to the provision of equipment and products.

Thus, we are always exploring new ways to better serve our customers by creating value through better management of operating costs and finding appropriate solutions to their problems.

The conservation of the environment is a concern in Quimité, so we strive to find the best treatment to some components of the gaseous emissions:

  • NOx
  • SO2
  • COV
  • H2S

Recycling and waste recovery processes, which include biogas purification and treatment of solutions containing metal hydroxides, is one of the areas to which the Quimitécnica devotes special attention.

Since water management is an increasingly scarce and therefore more valuable resource, Quimité provides services to analyse and optimize water circuits in order to reduce costs and better management of water use and consumption.

NOx Reduction

Selective non-catalytic reduction methods (SNCR) and, or, selective catalytic reduction methods. Proved examples.

Emissions of NOx (nitrogen oxides) have the effect of being precursors of tropospheric ozone which may cause respiratory problems and also acid rain.

The main source of such pollution is associated with burning processes where they reach high temperatures (thermal NOx).

Treatment techniques may be non-catalytic (SNCR) or catalytic (SCR).

In Portugal, Quimité conceived and set up facilities with SNCR technology- on all cement plants belonging to Cimpor and Secil.

Quimité is available for review in conjunction with its customers the best solution to control the emissions of this component.


Purification: H2S reduction, mercaptans and siloxanes. Dehumidification of the gas stream.

Biogas is mainly produced in landfills, WWTP and agro-industrial facilities.
The emission of this gas into the atmosphere contributes a major impact in the greenhouse effect, since methane is its main constituent. Thus, this production facilities must address this issue promptly.
When biogas is used to produce electricity, it’s necessary to first make sure it complies with purification standards in order to eliminate:

  • Sulfur compounds (H2S and mercaptans) – which can cause corrosion in the equipment;
  • Siloxanes – that can damage the turbines.

Quimité can provide solutions to carry out the purification of biogas, allowing its use as a source in energy production. This cleansing involves:

  • Reducing the levels of H2S, mercaptans and siloxanes
  • Dehumidification of the gas stream

Recycling of By-Products

Recycling of by-products and metal hydroxides mainly resulting from surface treatments.

The recycling of by-products and waste, leading to an appreciation of them, is an area to which the Quimitécnica has devoted his attention.
In this sense, it has been developing solutions for the recovery of waste containing metal hydroxides. Mainly, residues from the treatment of metal surfaces and with particular attention to iron and aluminium hydroxides.

Process Optimization

Closed water circuits’ optimization and management. Equipment and solutions for product’s internal logistics.

Quimité wants throughout its business to become an asset to its clients. In this sense, its staff is available to find the best solutions with respect to:

  • Present technical solutions for the application of the products to help customers improve performance in their facilities.
  • Proceed with the physical transformation of products through the provision of installations “in situ”. These equipments may be associated with, for example the preparation of dilutions or product mills.
  • Optimize the management of the water cycle (changes in treatment and control analytical equipment supply – HI, Filtration, Disinfection, minimization / reuse of waste water) to allow a higher reuse rate.
  • Provide solutions for internal logistics of the product (supply a set of equipment associated with the storage, pumping, piping, instrumentation, inventory control that allows the optimization of product management).

Requests and Suggestions

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