Detergency and Hygiene, paint stripping, pre-treatments, laundry, Industrial Maintenance.


Concentrated bases and a wide range for kitchen, dining and sanitary facilities.

With a wide range of products and the possibility of adaptation of each to the specific needs of each customer, our product offering meets all the cleaning needs of restoration, kitchen, dining and sanitary facilities.

We also have available a range of concentrated bases for production / dilution to allow the reduction of transport costs, tariffs and production / dilution of detergent in a flexible way for retail sale.

Hygiene in Food Industries

Equipment and solutions for the meat, Canned Food, Beer, and Soft Drinks industries.

Our offer to the market is an integrated set of solutions for products, equipment, and technical monitoring covering all the sanitation needs in food and drink processing facilities. Such as the meat industry, canning, Preparation and Processing of Food, Beer, Juices and Soft Drinks.

Stripping and Surfaces

Chemical stripping of paint and pretreatment of surfaces suitable for various metals and plastics.


As a supplier of leading companies in the automotive and other industries that use paint, and since we offer products mentioned by the major car brands, we have several solutions for chemical stripping of paint on iron, aluminum and plastics. Either in the recovery of paint pieces with rejections, or in stripping the structures of paint facilities and machinery. We also offer a stripping service which includes the collection and delivery to the customer’s home of parts / materials that need to be stripped.


Quimitécnica.Com develops, manufactures and markets surface treatment solutions of aluminum, steel, plastic and other materials for various applications: Powder Coating Aluminum and Iron, Mechanical Polishing, hot dip galvanizing, etc. It also includes operations such as etching acid, degreasing, phosphating and non-chromic passivation.

Industrial Maintenance

Industrial maintenance, automotive and workshop. Degreasing, Deoxidizers, and Washing.

We have a wide range of products for industrial maintenance, automotive and workshop. The products we produce and sell, from commodities to products based on aqueous solvent, cover the various needs of floor cleaning and degreasing, engines, components and facilities. Always keeping in mind the commitment to efficiency / environment.

Industrial Laundries

Treatments for washing and dry cleaning, hospital and industrial laundries, nursing homes, etc..

As part of our line of Detergents, cleaning products and laundry treatments are designed to meet all the needs in the various aspects of this type of activity: Dyeing, hospital, industrial, and public laundries. Our service includes the installation, programming and maintenance of dosing equipment.

Requests and Suggestions

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