3 distribution centers, 1 marine terminal (jetty), storage capacity of 22.4k liquid mts and 25k solid mts.

Quimitécnica.com SA has:

  • Lordelo | RPA North
    Distribution Center to the north of Portugal and Galicia.
  • Estarreja | RPA Centre
    Distribution center for the central region of Portugal and Castile-Leon.
  • Aveiras-de-Cima | RPA South
    Distribution Center to the south of Portugal and Andalusia.
  • 2 dilution facilities
    Production of concentrated detergents, paint strippers, pretreatment, dilution of commodities, etc..
  • Storage Capacity.
    15,000 MTs of solid product and 400 m3 for liquid products.
  • Packaging
    All facilities are equipped to make different packaging.

And a marine terminal:

  • Bulk handling
    Receiving large amounts of product for storage, distribution and dilution.
  • Storage Capacity.
    15,000 MTs of solid product and 25.000 m3 for liquid products.
  • Electrolyte Production
    Production and packaging facility for battery electrolyte.


With roots more than an century old and a richfull history of constant change and adaptation.

Quimitécnica.com’s history begins more than a century ago with the industrialization in Barreiro of the pyrite ore, by the will and great value of the Portuguese industrial entrepreneur – Alfredo da Silva.


In 1991, some scattered and obsolete activities of the Quimigal, EP (which succeeded the former CUF – Union Manufacturing Company after its nationalization in 1974), where spined off into a separate legal entity called QUIMITECNICA, SA.
The Quimitécnica.com as it exists today, represents what, with will and ingenuity, was build after the privatization and sale of QUIMITECNICA, SA, in 1993, to the Jose de Mello group.
The present name – Quimitécnica.com – Comércio e Indústria Quimica, SA – was the result of a bold modernization project started in 2001. Since then the company absorbed the activities of companies Quicom Ltd and EQ Ltd, planned, designed and built three new logistic units; in Aveiras, Estarreja and Guimarães, expanded the business to Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Angola, Mozambique and its scope of activities to water treatment, specialty chemicals, logistics, engineering and facilities.

Human Resources

A team of more than 45 professionals, job opportunities, Human Resources policy.

Under construction, we promise to be fast.

Policy of the Integrated Management System

The purpose of Quimitécnica.com as a company is to be economically sustainable. For this, it undertakes to continually grow in turnover and profitability, and reduce the risk and responsibilities associated with the activity.

To this end the company adopts the continuous improvement, the principles of Responsible Care program, which subscribes, and innovation as conductive bases of its activity.

The objectives and practice of these principles are carried out by all employees who are informed, trained and committed in the same direction.
These goals are subordinated to the satisfaction of our clients, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders of the company.

Satisfying, to Quimitécnica.com, means to understand the needs and expectations, making proposals and adopt clear and unambiguous behaviour, thriving for the fulfilment of what is proposed and evaluate the result.

So, the company decided to implement and maintain a quality, environment, occupational health and safety and R&D management system, based on applicable standards and certified by a recognized entity and maintain external verification of the practice of Responsible Care in accordance with the ESAD II (SQAS) in order to generalize the evaluation of best practices and the implementation of the necessary corrective measures in a systematic way.

Packaging Policy

Packaging lending management, renting and selling of reusable and returnable storage units.

  • The packaging has to be a safety factor and not a risk.
  • The package shall not be responsible for increasing the production of waste or effluent throughout the supply cycle, more than. is strictly necessary.
  • The cost of the ‘package’ should be as low as possible to the client. Therefore, the accuracy in the use and reuse should be encouraged.
  • Furthermore, and to decrease the number of units needed, whenever possible, provide greater capacity and packaging in our facilities, provided there are no problems of responsiveness, keep the product stored in bulk.
  • The package must be seen as an active factor in providing a valuable equipment and not a waste or a necessary evil.
  • The packaging must be stored in a proper and clean and the collection and use should be made in order to reduce the total number of packages in the supply chain.
  • It should not compromise the quality of product supplied.
  • The package must be able to carry our image and our beliefs of safety and environmental hygiene.


Documents and Certifications

Quimitécnica.com has its management system certified by:


NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Management Systems


NP 4457: 2007 – R&D Management Systems

NP EN ISO 14001: 2012 – Environmental Management Systems (Aveiras and Mide)

OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (Aveiras and Mide)


Site assessed according to Cefic system – SQAS Distributor / ESAD – Mide


Site assessed according to Cefic system – SQAS Distributor / ESAD – Aveiras