Quimitécnica.com has reassessed their sites located in Mide and Aveiras in 2013 regarding the SQAS Distributor /ESAD (CEFIC) module and specifically in the scope of Di and S questionnaires.

The SQAS Distributor /ESAD is a system to evaluate the quality, environment and safety (including security) performance of chemical distributors in a standardized manner through an independent assessment carried out by a third party.

Due to the extent of this assessment, it is accepted as a third party verification of the voluntary Chemical Industry Responsible Care Program compliance. Quimitécnica.com is a strong subscriber of Responsible Care since the first hour.

The final results from the assessment were about 90% in the assessed sites.

This fact represents a huge satisfaction for Quimitécnica.com as it shows a high level of compliance with the eight guiding principles of Responsible Care program but it is also an improvement stimulus. An improvement action plan was already prepared to correct the not so positive issues.