Product Description


The C-500 series range Superfloc (C-587, C-591, C-592) consists of polyDADMAC (polidialil, dimethyl ammonium chloride) cationic net of various weights that work very effectively as a primary coagulant, neutralizing agents of charge separation processes in liquid – solid in a variety of industries as a bleaching and textile effluents.

The range of polyamines Superfloc C-500 are recommended for the following processes of liquid-solid separation:

. Water clarification – improves water quality by reducing the color, suspended solids and turbidity.
. Flotation by dissolved air – provides a more accurate and downward flow of greater flow.
. Filtration – improves the quality of filtered water and the flow rate.
. Bleach – eliminating color textile effluents.

Economic use – effective at low dosages.
Works in a wide range of pH and does not alter the pH of the system.
Reduces the use of inorganic salts.
PolyDADMAC liquid-dilution simplifies the equipment, feeding and handling
High solubility.