Product Description


Various qualities and grades (technical, industrial, food).
Solid or in solution with different degrees of refining, purity, moisture, particle size.
Rock Salt, Sea Salt, Salt vacuum pads, vacuum granulated salt, industrial salt vacuum, vacuum food Sal, Sal vacuum thin, pharmacist Sal, Sal liquid (brine), Sal vacuum superfine, among others.
Depending on the degree, the product meets various standards as
   NP EN 973:2007.
   Codex Alimentarius, CX STAN 150-1985.
   American and European Pharmacopoeia.
   ASTM B 117-07.
Keep the product in a dry and airy and conditions which prevent its contamination.

To defrost the roads.
Industrial water treatment and Domestic.
Regeneration of ion exchange resins.
Pools, washing machines and dishwashers, Descaling.
Food Industry Compounds for Animals.
Bakery industry.
The tanning industry.
Industry cleaners.
Meat processing industry.
Chemical Industry.
Cellulose and Paper Industry.
Sugar Industry.
Dairy Industry (butters).
Industry freezing fish.
Treatment of Olives industry.
Drought industry Cod.
Food industry.
Textile Industry.

Pharmaceutical grade:
Preparation of Injections.
Preparation of peritoneal dialysis solutions.
Preparation of solutions Hemodialysis.
Preparation of solutions hemofiltration.